Meet The Travel Ball Team

Selections for travel ball have been made!!! The month of September will be utilized as a training period preparing for October, November and December league and tourney play. There will be two teams, that consist of mainly 8th graders and some 7th graders. JC Barnett III and Danny Carrico couldn’t be anymore thrilled with the turnout. Let’s meet the young men that will be competing over the next few months.

Tyrone Bethea

Tyrone Bethea
Tyrone Bethea: Tyrone is self proclaimed fastest kid at Taylor.

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright: Nathan plays basketball everyday. He attended Michael Jordan basketball camp the last 3 years.

Zavion Bellamy

Zavion Bellamy: Zavion loves to rap all day around the house, he even throws a little dancing in there every now and then. He loves music!

Hayden Anthony

Hayden Anthony: Hayden played basketball with Victor Oladipo a few years ago at IU camp.

Cedric Anderson Jr.

Cedric Anderson Jr.: Cedric loves math.

Jensyn Grattan

Jensyn Grattan: Jensyn made all-state Lutheran team as a 7th grader.

Jay Patterson

Jay Patterson: Jay learned to play basketball at Mendota park.

Dylon Bass

Dylon Bass: Dylon is a junior state champion in wrestling.

Patrick Hardimon

Patrick Hardimon: Patrick is kind hearted, outgoing, goofball. 3 sport athlete, football, baseball and basketball. Mows yards with papa to grow his business.

Mekhi McGee

Mekhi McGee: Mekhi has been playing basketball for less than a year. He has scored 14 points in a game.

Kaiden Blane

Kaiden Blane: Kaiden has only been playing basketball since August 2017.

Matthan McGriff

Matthan McGriff: Matthan enjoys waking up extra early to get to the Y for pickup games before school. He usually plays 2-3 games.

Tyler Carrigan

Tyler Carrigan: Tyler was born on Christmas morning.

Hunter Foland

Hunter Foland: Hunter enjoys politics.

Owen Lowe

Owen Lowe: Owen is definitely a shoe guy. He is all about his kicks!

Ethan Ennis

Ethan Ennis: Ethan is constantly down at the park playing basketball. He is a very determined kid. He enjoys playing with his 2 year old sister.

CoVieon Walker

CoVieon Walker: CoVieon likes to scare people.

Phillip Manning

Phillip Manning: Phillip likes sports in general, but basketball has always been his passion.

Cayden Greer

Cayden Greer: Cayden is an NBA encyclopedia. Knows just about every player on every team and what position they play. He knows present players and past players.

Deundre Kirby

Deundre Kirby: Deundre loves to listen to music and sing for pregame hype!

Postings will be made informing the public of league and tourney play game schedules. Come out and support this talented group of young men as the do the very best they can to make Kokomo and the surrounding area proud.

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