Hoops Knowledge Session: Offensive Player Development


I don’t want to be the only tree growing, what a lonely feeling that would be. I try just as hard to give you nourishment, as I work to try to get for me..

I have the very special privilege of bringing in some of the most accomplished and greatest basketball minds the state of Indiana has to offer. I’m serious about my role in taking basketball to the next level in this city and region of the state. It all starts right now with expanding our minds, and the willingness to listen. Butler basketball fans, this all-star line up includes former Butler standout Roosevelt Jones!!! Join us Thursday, October 11th at McKinley school for a couple of hours. Oh, FREE pizza too!!! Walk away better because you made a choice to do so… Thank you!!

Address: 1217 W Carter St, Kokomo, IN

RSVP: jcleebarnett@gmail.com

Meet The Travel Ball Team

Selections for travel ball have been made!!! The month of September will be utilized as a training period preparing for October, November and December league and tourney play. There will be two teams, that consist of mainly 8th graders and some 7th graders. JC Barnett III and Danny Carrico couldn’t be anymore thrilled with the turnout. Let’s meet the young men that will be competing over the next few months.

Tyrone Bethea

Tyrone Bethea
Tyrone Bethea: Tyrone is self proclaimed fastest kid at Taylor.

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright: Nathan plays basketball everyday. He attended Michael Jordan basketball camp the last 3 years.

Zavion Bellamy

Zavion Bellamy: Zavion loves to rap all day around the house, he even throws a little dancing in there every now and then. He loves music!

Hayden Anthony

Hayden Anthony: Hayden played basketball with Victor Oladipo a few years ago at IU camp.

Cedric Anderson Jr.

Cedric Anderson Jr.: Cedric loves math.

Jensyn Grattan

Jensyn Grattan: Jensyn made all-state Lutheran team as a 7th grader.

Jay Patterson

Jay Patterson: Jay learned to play basketball at Mendota park.

Dylon Bass

Dylon Bass: Dylon is a junior state champion in wrestling.

Patrick Hardimon

Patrick Hardimon: Patrick is kind hearted, outgoing, goofball. 3 sport athlete, football, baseball and basketball. Mows yards with papa to grow his business.

Mekhi McGee

Mekhi McGee: Mekhi has been playing basketball for less than a year. He has scored 14 points in a game.

Kaiden Blane

Kaiden Blane: Kaiden has only been playing basketball since August 2017.

Matthan McGriff

Matthan McGriff: Matthan enjoys waking up extra early to get to the Y for pickup games before school. He usually plays 2-3 games.

Tyler Carrigan

Tyler Carrigan: Tyler was born on Christmas morning.

Hunter Foland

Hunter Foland: Hunter enjoys politics.

Owen Lowe

Owen Lowe: Owen is definitely a shoe guy. He is all about his kicks!

Ethan Ennis

Ethan Ennis: Ethan is constantly down at the park playing basketball. He is a very determined kid. He enjoys playing with his 2 year old sister.

CoVieon Walker

CoVieon Walker: CoVieon likes to scare people.

Phillip Manning

Phillip Manning: Phillip likes sports in general, but basketball has always been his passion.

Cayden Greer

Cayden Greer: Cayden is an NBA encyclopedia. Knows just about every player on every team and what position they play. He knows present players and past players.

Deundre Kirby

Deundre Kirby: Deundre loves to listen to music and sing for pregame hype!

Postings will be made informing the public of league and tourney play game schedules. Come out and support this talented group of young men as the do the very best they can to make Kokomo and the surrounding area proud.

Stylish Gents Blacktop Reunion – JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting Youth 3on3



Wow, hard to believe that it’s been 3 months to the day since I’ve written my last blog. Well, here I am again 🙂 …


I wanted to come to everyone with some pretty exciting news! That is if you haven’t heard about it already. As a part of the ‘2nd Annual Stylish Gents Blacktop Reunion’, the JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting is hosting a FREE youth 3 on 3 basketball tournament. This is going to be such a great time!!!


Here are the details about the tournament itself. It will consist of grades 3-5 and 6-8. The rules and regulations will be much like any 3 on 3 tournament the kids have ever played in before. Game will be played to 15 by 1s and 2s, win by 2. Max 20 points to win the game if needed, also on a time limit of 25 minutes. Each team gets 1 time out per game. Change of possession causes for the rebounder to take the ball completely (Ball, body and feet) behind the 3pt line (or 2pt line). All other minor details of the “Rules and Regs” will be covered by the coach and the official briefly before the games starts.



Also, did I mention FREE jump shooting instruction and clinic, yes!!! I would really love to see every potential student and parent who has reached out to me about my basketball program there. Here is the opportunity to go home with a little bit of something to work with on your jump shot.



Too, I will be presenting Brandon Wood, a distinguished basketball player from Kokomo, Indiana and who does much in the community; with an honorary ‘JC Barnett School of Jump  Shooting’ Bachelors degree certificate for his accomplishments in the game of hoops.


The ‘Blacktop Reunion’ starts at 1p, the games will begin right at about that time as well. The competitive atmosphere is what I will be most proud of!! Teams will or may be co-ed, some younger some older, some bigger some smaller. There will be tournament winners that will receive hardware to take home with them. But, every single kid that comes out and competes at a high level and gives it their all, will be a winner in my book.


For anyone interested in coming and being a part of this youth 3 on 3, players. coaches. parents. Of course, there will be smack talk, a little friendly banter. Let’s remember who it’s about and enjoy watching these kids compete without so much as one bit of any “serious” drama. Thank you!!


Rgistration details need to be sent to jcleebarnett@gmail.com.
4 team members max,
Team Name:
Coach name:
Team members:
1.) Name (grade)


Hope to see you there!!!

Where Greatness is Surpassed

For many, many years there was nothing that you could ever say or show me that would remove Michael Jordan from the throne, “greatest basketball player of all time”. Recently that has changed, at least been matched anyway… And it has absolutely nothing to do with performance on the basketball court.

You could argue with me all day long until you’re blue in the face that, what encapsulates a great anything – is how one has proven themselves within their art. We all know that the truth is, how we measure who we believe to be the greatest extends beyond that particular person’s field of play. Who they are off the floor is just as important. I won’t get real deep into this aspect, but shoes, clothes, relationships, scandals, philanthropy, etc.; are everything to this society’s perception of public figures. When that conversation arises in reference to basketball the answer for me had always been Jordan. I’m not going to pretend that I never did like Kobe Bryant’s game, of course I did. I’d deny it for a long time but he was the closest thing to Jordan, and I did admire his game and performances.

Kobe was somebody I’d always put on the back burner in talks of greatness in basketball. As funny as it may sound, he just seemed to be too close of a reflection of Michael Jordan. I know, weird right? Honestly somehow in my mind, that disqualified him from obtaining that title because of that relationship. To me he wasn’t the original, so.



It’s not even the fact that Kobe recently won an Oscar for his new television show ‘Detail’, that changed my perspective on him. After sitting down and watching his show, I came to the realization that he was sharing his brilliance. Hmmm, that’s different… On a large scale, nationally, globally for all to see, not just to a small select group of people who paid a large amount of money. Whoa!!! A quality that I’ve always admired most about athletes especially, is their tenacious competitiveness within the lines, but then to be down to earth and humble human beings outside of the arena. Kobe, a man of legendary status, has shown me that throughout the years. And now, for him to share all the little intimate details of what made him great, his thought processes as a basketball player; that shoots his level of greatness into the galaxy.



In the grand scheme of things, Kobe’s actions and achievements may seem a bit insignificant. Though in this case he has, can and will change the lives of many young people that wish to grow up and play basketball at the next level. Even those who are already there in the NBA. The integrity of the game has been in question in recent years. Kobe with his new series has a chance to completely change the direction it’s currently going. Although nobody will ever make me feel the way I did when I watched Michael Jordan play. I cannot deny Kobe Bryant and his brilliance. Or even his imprint on shoes, apparel, media attention, fame and so on and so forth. The most honorable though, and the greatest of these is his philanthropic excellence. The passing down of knowledge is crucial to our youth in today’s society. For a man of his stature to do it so articulately, puts him for me, extremely high in the “greatest of all time” conversation. Maybe even number one!!

What You Speak



Each and every single one of us have a vocabulary that is unique, and all to our own. I believe in very strongly the power God has given us to speak things into existence – and with that comes great responsibility. First and foremost that responsibility is to ourselves, we must say things in a manner that is pleasing to our ears before we can say anything that is pleasing to the ears of another. We should be living with a heart in commitment to our fellow man, and a genuine concern for their well-being. Many of us wish to know our purpose in life; to commit to and serve others is as good a purpose you’ll find anywhere. It all starts with how we speak!

What words do you allow to roll off of your tongue every day? Are they words that are positive and uplifting to self, and to others? Are they words of belief, or skepticism about everything? Of boldness, or of fear? Do you speak and listen to find common ground, or hear someone out only to debate? We have a choice to make now, and right now a choice must be made – our future is at stake! The future of our kids depends heavily upon the mentality we choose to live with because they watch, they listen. Our actions are very much so the product of our words. So, this world needs us to speak life, speak love, and speak happiness.


Blessed to be a Blessing,


JC Barnett III

The Art of Imitation



I’ve never really been able to place my finger on why — but, it seems to me people get disturbed by the idea of imitation. Society will call you out!! Especially, if you’re in the public eye as “copying” someone else; the ability to imitate exactly what someone else can do kind of means that you are able to do it just as well, right? Well, maybe not in every case but who wouldn’t want that for themselves — everybody wants to be good at something.

There is one case though that makes a darn good argument for the art of imitation. I remember when Kobe Bryant first entered the league, just right around the time Jordan had come back after retiring the first time. Kobe was this fresh 17 year old talent out of Lower Merion high school in Ardmore, Pennsylvania right outside Philadelphia. Man was he confident — he was pretty much everything he was expected to be drafted straight out of high school in the 1996 NBA draft. Kobe was explosive, he could jump, finish at the bucket and could shoot very well — he had all the intangibles that made a player great. But, even I as a young kid at the ages of 11 and 12, could see something in his game. In hind sight I have more of an understanding as to why he may have been so good.



There will never be a conversation concerning the “greatest of all time” as far as basketball is concerned where Michael Jordan could ever be topped. When Jordan entered the league he set a standard that in my eyes is unattainable for most. Not only for his capabilities on the court but his legacy in the world of shoes, fashion and design. That combination is a force that maybe shouldn’t play a role in the “greatest of all time” conversation, but it does. His legacy is great and will continue on because today’s generation may not know, or have already forgotten what he’s done on the basketball court — but I can betcha they know his products.

Many basketball fans just younger than myself who may not have witnessed Jordan as much as I, have already passed the crown to Kobe and LeBron; it is not my call to say whether or not that is legitimate. As a fan of the game — as a witness to all the greats of today — my opinion is, nah, Jordan is still the greatest!!!

Growing up, Kobe was a great admirer of Michael Jordan himself; he even went as far as to say he idolized “his airness”. Bryant in a CBS interview once stated that words couldn’t do justice to the influence Jordan had on him. Living in Italy Kobe said that all he had to study from was video tape footage of the games that he would receive. At one time he said he would study everybody he could, but then realized that he probably wouldn’t ever grow to be 6’9”, so “I started studying Michael exclusively.” Kobe goes on to say, “And then when I came to the league and was matching up against him, what I found is that he was extremely open to having a mentor relationship and giving me a great amount of advice and an amazing amount of detail, strategies, workout regimen and things like that.”

Kobe in a sense, not entirely as he was and is his own man; but in many ways was a product of Michael Jordan because of his love and admiration for him. His exclusive study of Michael along with many hours of working out in the gym allowed him to develop moves that in the beginning were not entirely his own. If one is able to duplicate another’s actions they are then able to make those actions their own. It is not being a “copy cat” in the negative use of the term — it’s simply the art of imitation!! That art form allows you to take what you’ve seen and uniquely put your own touch on it. It is such a simple concept, and one that people have used for many years to establish their own greatness in this world.



Over the course of twenty years Kobe made his greatness in the city of Los Angeles, across the nation and even the world with his ability to play basketball. He used a love that he had first for the game, then for a man he could follow and learn from to gain much success. For those of you reading — will you allow yourself to imitate? There could be great things inside of you waiting to blossom from a seed planted by someone you admire.

“A jump shooter is always in the game”

J.C. Barnett III


Driveway Battles

I love to talk about the past and everything that makes up who I am as a basketball player. Not because I did great things – not because I went on the play college ball, or pro ball, I didn’t do those things; but because my calling is to give young people perspective. That perspective is — whether it is just a little taste of basketball growing up and playing throughout high school as I did, or being blessed to go on and play college or pro ball – you will never ever forget the relationships that were developed.

Over the years I have met people within basketball that quite honestly have changed my life. I don’t think though – the molding of who I am as a basketball player happened so much any place else than my very own driveway. Friends, family – that’s where you develop a little something called, drive. In the summertime’s of my childhood my driveway was the spot. That tiny court was the venue for many competitive one on one, and three on three games/tourneys.

You know — we become much more thankful when we realize the origins of success… People listening to what I have to say concerning shooting basketball and playing hoops, goes deeper than what they’ve seen me do; I’ve been able to do because of who helped me develop.

Jeremy Rogers was one of the fastest people I knew growing up. Not as much of a basketball player as he was just a naturally gifted athlete — he was an extremely competitive defender and was a challenge on offense because of his ability to get where he wanted.

Sharmichael Allen, known for the abuse he used to take in the post by my dad’s hook shot haha (my dad always gives him a hard time about that). In all seriousness, Sharmichael was one of the older guys who came down to play, was a talented ball player and being older gave us younger guys a healthy challenge.

Emmanuel Perry was a couple of years younger than I was. But, how do I describe this kid – he was at that time the craftiest, most shifty kid I’d seen play. His handles were incredible and he could get the ball up off the glass quickly and finish well defended. D’Juan Perry, Emmanuel’s older brother was not a super tall guy, but it seemed that way because he had length. D’Juan was a lot like his younger brother, or Emmanuel was like him rather, in that he was shifty as well. He could change direction in the blink of an eye and be up in the air finishing at the bucket.

My main man Terrance Story, who of all the guys I’ve mentioned so far would be the only one I’d go all through high school playing hoops with. He was a year older than me in school so having him to compete against growing up was very beneficial to my game. Terrance had size – he was tall and super strong; When I say the guy had a “killer crossover”, that is absolutely no joke. Driveway, playground, middle school and high school there were many victims of his mean crossover drive and finish at the bucket with a smooth finger roll.

And one of my best friends, Marcus Johnson, probably more than anybody was a guy who helped me develop my game the most. He was over to my house every single day — we battled one another in the driveway and we would shoot and rebound for each other all the time. We made each other better that is for sure.

Jeremy Rogers (top left), Sharmichael Allen (top right), Emmanuel Perry (middle pic far left), D’Juan Perry (middle pic far right), Terrance Story (bottom left) and Marcus Johnson (bottom right)

I’ll never forget these guys… For the drive they helped me develop, for creating the competitive atmosphere every day; and all the many laughs and memories..

“A jump shooter is always in the game”

J.C. Barnett III