Role-ing Into The New Season

Young hoopers!! I know you’ve been working your tails off all off season to better yourself. And now, the season is here!!! Tryouts have started and already happened for many of you to begin a brand new basketball season. What an exciting time! As you begin your season I wish for you to walk into it with a fresh new perspective.


Selflessness.. . We all know and recognize basketball as a team sport. But, there are five individuals out on the basketball floor who all have a role to play. Ideally, everyone comes together collectively to impact the team for a greater cause than for self – I know though, how easy it is to get caught up in making that role about you, instead of the team.


Understand that as insignificant as you feel your role may be right now, you have a purpose. You matter; just as much as the leading scorer, the leading assist man, or the leading rebounder. Your attitude, your hustle, your encouragement to others means just as much as any other role. Ultimately, when everyone does their job – everyone wins. So play your role with pride, and perform with some dignity.


Have a great season everyone!!!

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