In The Beginning

Me shooting at the free throw line. The great Ray Beets, a middle school teammate of mine (on the right of the picture), went on to be one of the greatest to put on a Taylor Titan uniform. He and I both combined to be a huge part of winning two back to back city and county championships. Kokomo’s head coach Basil Mawbey was quite impressed with our on the court relationship.

The start of my 7th grade basketball season was an interesting one – honestly, other than having athleticism to carry me along I wasn’t that great of a basketball player. I tussled with my jump shot a lot – I really didn’t have a set way to shoot the ball. To make kind of a long story short, that’s when I started developing the form that you see me using in the picture. With the development of this new found skill I really started to gain recognition as a basketball player at my age level very quickly – and mainly because of my ability to put up points from the outside. This blog is less about how this form came about and more about my experience with it.

Ever since I started using this form I’ve noticed it’s done a tremendous amount for producing successful shots. Not only that, but because of where my release point is – it makes it extremely tough for a defender to block my shot, even though I’m standing at only 5’7”. When it came to playing at a higher level of competition, as I did in high school and in various men’s basketball leagues in the Kokomo area, it helped that I could already have the basketball high and ready to release quicker than anyone could contest it. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t take smart shots – of course I wouldn’t shoot in the face of a 6’4” defender.. . Maybe just over 6’1” or a 6’2” :), but you know what I mean – take smart shots.

For those of you younger students that are still finding their way with their shooting form, try this form out. Around the 7th or 8th grade is a good time to start using it because you are strong enough, trust me – the challenge will be how to incorporate more leg into your shot, that is a must. Take a look at the picture, from where the basketball is at that point in my form, all you have to do is get full extension of the elbow finish with a high release and hold the follow through. After giving it a try, please feel free to let me know what you think about it. Need more of an example on how to use this form, check me out on Instagram username: jcbarnett_jumpshooting or my Youtube page link:

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