HOF Draft Class

When I look back, basketball is woven into an unbelievable portion of the fabric of my life. I can remember just like it was yesterday, hearing Jason Kidd’s name being called.. June 29, 1994 on my 9th birthday my parents gift to me were tickets to the NBA Draft. Look at me and all my siblings, man the 90’s lol.. Oh and in addition to Jason Kidd as one of the newest members of the HOF Grant Hill was a part of this draft class. Ha, look at the jersey I’m wearing, everybody knows who the man was back in the day Glenn Robinson (Big Dog). He too was was apart of this class and will one day be in the HOF. My brother in law growing up in Gary, Indiana watched Glenn grow up on the playground, literally. He said one summer he left home to go to camp and came back, he’d grown 6 inches between his sophomore and junior year of high school. When you have a love and a passion for something, look around you, ask questions. There are amazing, and pretty cool connections to what you love closer than you think..




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