Hoops Knowledge Session: Offensive Player Development


I don’t want to be the only tree growing, what a lonely feeling that would be. I try just as hard to give you nourishment, as I work to try to get for me..

I have the very special privilege of bringing in some of the most accomplished and greatest basketball minds the state of Indiana has to offer. I’m serious about my role in taking basketball to the next level in this city and region of the state. It all starts right now with expanding our minds, and the willingness to listen. Butler basketball fans, this all-star line up includes former Butler standout Roosevelt Jones!!! Join us Thursday, October 11th at McKinley school for a couple of hours. Oh, FREE pizza too!!! Walk away better because you made a choice to do so… Thank you!!

Address: 1217 W Carter St, Kokomo, IN

RSVP: jcleebarnett@gmail.com