Keeping It Real


You know. You’d really be hard pressed to find a trainer more blessed than I am with the clientele I’ve worked with over the past year and a half. I say that from the perspective of – it’s been expressed, and shown to me, that my students and their parents have an extreme level of trust in me. And in a world where it’s easy nowadays to be skeptical of pretty much everything and everyone, I’m thankful they believe in me the way they do. I will not let them down!


Basketball is a great love of mine, has been since I was a kid. I’ve made this game a priority in my life for such a long time. I’ve turned it into a business and a major part of my livelihood. With respect to that, honesty has in every aspect of what I do been first and foremost. So, I’m going to give it to you straight because that’s what you deserve.



I’ve had several students here recently, with the start of the new basketball season tell me that their basketball coach wishes to change their form; and that they are uncomfortable with it. Parent and student both have communicated to me, they believe in the process and the principles involved in my form – and have seen results they like. No fault of the coaches who are just doing what they think is best, and I say this with the utmost respect to all who are coaching the youth, there are not many coaches who specialize in shooting the basketball the way that I do. In many instances because they have not studied shooting the ball in depth the way that I have – they harm the process and don’t help the cause in attempts to change a kid’s shot. It’s an extremely tough situation especially for the kid – who has received training and been shown a certain way to do things and now all of a sudden it must be changed. I’m not going to lie – that bothers me!


Having said all that, at the end of the day, that kid plays for a coach who holds in the palm of he or she’s hand their playing time. Parents, because ultimately you have the greatest influence over the decision making of your child and their mentality at this stage in their lives; you must help your child understand and weigh the importance of these two questions. Do I listen to my coach? Or, do I listen to my trainer?


Students of mine both current and of the past, I, as your trainer, hold the keys to a quality jump shot. I have the ability to teach you how to make an impact on the game when the opportunity presents itself; but, the coach gives you that opportunity to display that skill. Parents, once again, I urge you to help give your child some perspective and encourage them to listen to their coach. “JC, this is your business why would you say that?” Well, because that’s truly what is best for the kid, to be given a chance to play and enjoy the game. Do not though, take on the mindset that it is pointless to come and see trainers like myself who are teaching special skills within the game. As kids grow and move forward playing basketball, having the knowledge, being equipped with valuable tools such as a quality jump shot, will benefit them greatly.



Personally, I would love the opportunity to help relieve some of the pressures on a kid when they encounter situations like the one I just described above. How can I help them adjust to the situation? How can we find a way to stick to the form, principles and foundation of a quality jump shot while also pleasing the coach? I am here for you! If you are not already booked with me and have questions you may need answers to concerning basketball, please feel free to email me at


Role-ing Into The New Season

Young hoopers!! I know you’ve been working your tails off all off season to better yourself. And now, the season is here!!! Tryouts have started and already happened for many of you to begin a brand new basketball season. What an exciting time! As you begin your season I wish for you to walk into it with a fresh new perspective.


Selflessness.. . We all know and recognize basketball as a team sport. But, there are five individuals out on the basketball floor who all have a role to play. Ideally, everyone comes together collectively to impact the team for a greater cause than for self – I know though, how easy it is to get caught up in making that role about you, instead of the team.


Understand that as insignificant as you feel your role may be right now, you have a purpose. You matter; just as much as the leading scorer, the leading assist man, or the leading rebounder. Your attitude, your hustle, your encouragement to others means just as much as any other role. Ultimately, when everyone does their job – everyone wins. So play your role with pride, and perform with some dignity.


Have a great season everyone!!!