What You Speak



Each and every single one of us have a vocabulary that is unique, and all to our own. I believe in very strongly the power God has given us to speak things into existence – and with that comes great responsibility. First and foremost that responsibility is to ourselves, we must say things in a manner that is pleasing to our ears before we can say anything that is pleasing to the ears of another. We should be living with a heart in commitment to our fellow man, and a genuine concern for their well-being. Many of us wish to know our purpose in life; to commit to and serve others is as good a purpose you’ll find anywhere. It all starts with how we speak!

What words do you allow to roll off of your tongue every day? Are they words that are positive and uplifting to self, and to others? Are they words of belief, or skepticism about everything? Of boldness, or of fear? Do you speak and listen to find common ground, or hear someone out only to debate? We have a choice to make now, and right now a choice must be made – our future is at stake! The future of our kids depends heavily upon the mentality we choose to live with because they watch, they listen. Our actions are very much so the product of our words. So, this world needs us to speak life, speak love, and speak happiness.


Blessed to be a Blessing,


JC Barnett III