The JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting Gives Kids A Shot

The JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting has a simple motto: “A shooter is always in the game.” Recruiters, coaches and sports commentators all agree that the ability of a basketball player to shoot and score from anywhere on the court is the key to winning games.

Take, for example, top high school recruitJosh Jackson. The Justin-Siena High School shooting guard out of Napa, California, averaged 28 points per game as a freshman and earned a spot and Gold Medal in the FIBA U17 World Championships in 2014 and the U19 World Championships in 2015.

Jackson’s prolific 50 percent jump shooting from 3-point land during the U19 tournament and his high 2-point percentage made him the No. 1 ranked college recruit this year, according to He has committed to the Kansas Jayhawks for the 2016 season. The ability to make consistent jump shots sets one player apart from the rest on the court.

Likewise, Steph Curry has captured the imaginations of basketball fans around the world. But what many do not realize is that Curry was not a highly sought after recruit heading into college. He struggled in high school with an awkward jumper.

As an article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out, “Stephen Curry was still shooting from his waist in high school, but his father (Dell Curry) knew he needed to remake his shot to keep up with bigger and better players.”

Curry took a summer off to rework his jump shot and get the ball above his head quickly. He established a new motion for himself in which he elevates only slightly and fires the ball on the way up. The form reduces his release time to as fast as .03 seconds, which cuts down on the defender’s ability to guard the shot. Curry’s training and discipline highlight exactly why developing athletes need good basketball coaching at an early age, which allows them the opportunity to progressively advance their game to the next level.

At the JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting, our mission is to teach the fundamental tools of the jump shot and instill confidence in young basketball players. Our school hones each player’s natural abilities and trains youngsters, 5 and older, and young adults using various techniques, methods and sports theories that build confidence on and off the court.

The game of basketball is a tremendous teacher for youth and adults alike. In basketball, players with excellent shooting skills have the ability to score a flurry of points and overcome late-game deficits. Overcoming adversity in sports shows that, with determination, these kids can learn to overcome any adversity life throws at them.

People like Josh Jackson and Steph Curry are success stories because they learned, early on, the very skills the JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting teaches. These early experiences have made a wealth of difference for them as athletes and can make a difference for you too. Book your session with us today.